Writerly Camaraderie in the RVA

At last the truth can be told: I am now a James River Writer. To wit, I am delighted to announce that I have joined the Board of Directors of the James River Writers. It’s a dynamic writing organization, as evidenced by the quality programming they put on, from the annual conference to other offerings, and I was shocked the first time I looked at their history and saw they were founded as recently as 2002. I’m very glad to be able to work with the good folks there on all things writing in RVA.

From their “About” page, James River Writers is a “multi-faceted non-profit organization that serves as central Virginia’s literary hub and a welcoming home for anyone who loves the written word. Aspiring and professional writers and passionate readers in all genres benefit from a variety of programs, services, and events, often presented in partnership with other cultural organizations.

I’m looking forward to serving, and to connecting with more of my fellow writers and readers in central Virginia. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about all that as the year progresses, but in the meanwhile, if you’re interested in the written word, live in central Virginia, and haven’t considered joining, take a look at what you get from membership.

James River Writers logo

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