Selected Publications

Short Fiction

  • “The Touch of Lethe” | 2020 | A photographer in Providence, impossible vistas captured with an esoteric camera, and shadows of another world [Print
  • “Questionable Things” | 2019 ” | Genetic editing, serial killers, and a post-climate-change Seattle [Print]
  • “En Plein Air” | 2018 | A painter in Richmond, a strange and empty stretch of riverbank, and a ghost-world that has finds its way inside anyone who sees it [Audio (free) | Print]
  • “There Has Never Been Anyone Here” | 2018 | An epistolary story about a house in Richmond with a long, strange history [Print]
  • “Be Still, My Dear, and Listen” | 2017 | Obsession, Twin Peaks, and girls who loved Audrey Horne so much, they wanted to be her [Audio (free) | Print]
  • “Wolf of Hunger, Wolf of Shame” | 2015 | The fable of a hungry wolf who comes to the splendid city, looking for something to eat [Print]
  • “Pale Apostle,” with Jesse Bullington | 2014 | Strange imports and dark magic in Seattle of yesteryear [Print]


  • “His Knife, Her Shadow” | 2019 | Growing up and reading horror during the Horror Boom [Print]
  • “Translating The Ritual” | 2018 | Nuances of adaptation in the shift of Adam Neville’s novel to film [Print]
  • “Against Nature” |  2015 | Very short stories and the horror field [Print]

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