Weird Fiction Publishers

This is a research tool, not a definitive market guide, and listings here do not necessarily reflect openness to submissions or guarantees of stock. Please examine publishers’ “About” or “Information” section, or “Buy” or “Subscribe” links, and/or social media presence, for definitive information about whom to contact for what. I am not the appropriate contact for any of the listings below. Publisher categories:

  • Heavily Publishing Weird Fiction, or Self-Identifying as Publishers of Weird Fiction
  • Genre or Slipstream, Publishing Some Weird Fiction
  • Experimental, Literary, or Mainstream, Publishing Some Weird Fiction
  • Periodicals, Not Affiliated with Above Publishers

If you want to skip through this list more quickly, CTRL+F for one of the following: periodicals, chapbooks, collections, anthologies, novels, novellas, non-fiction, poetry


Heavily Publishing Weird Fiction, or Self-Identifying as Publishers of Weird Fiction


Genre or Slipstream, Publishing Some Weird Fiction


Experimental, Literary, or Mainstream, Publishing Some Weird Fiction


Individual Periodicals, Not Affiliated with Above Publishers
This list is necessarily incomplete, given how many periodicals might have published one or more stories that might conceivably be part of the Weird. While I strove to capture at least the most well-known players above, I made no such effort here.

The Audient Void
Daily Science Fiction
The Dark Magazine

Hypnos Magazine
Nightmare Magazine
Phantom Drift
Postscripts to Darkness

Ravenwood Quarterly
Skelos Press
Three-lobed Burning Eye
Turn to Ash
Weird City
Weird Fiction Review
Weird Tales


Dormant, Defunct, or No Longer Publishing Weird Fiction
Arcane Wisdom (?), Arkham House, Ash-Tree (?), Atomic Fez (?), Crosswing, Ex Occidente, Gamut, Hieroglyphic, Humdrumming, Megazanthus, Midnight House, Mythos Books, Necronomicon (?)



  • This list encompasses publishers handling the Weird, cosmic horror, Lovecraftian, and related fiction. Similar, but not identical, lists exist elsewhere, but all strike me as either too narrow in scope or too broad. There are some lists out there that I liked, and which you also might:
  • I started this list in June of 2015, both as a useful tool in marketing my own fiction, and as a help to those who read, write, study, edit, or publish weird fiction. Many people offered help, including s.j. bagley, Jess Gulbranson, Scott R. Jones, Michael Kelly, Scott Nicolay, Justin Steele
  • I have included mention of individual genres as I could find them on publisher websites, but non-fiction, novellas, and non-fiction proved challenging, and some of the above publishers simply do not describe on their website what exactly their books are.
  • For currently operational publishers, I have listed categories based on what I could easily determine about their list and planned activities.
  • If you have questions about this list, feel another publisher should be listed, I’ve left off a category of work for a given publisher, etc., please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Wow, this is a great resource! How can I thank you for the hours you invested in gathering names of presses and publications, checking websites, and all that? Can I give you money for that? What’s the story?

I’m so glad you find it useful! I don’t yet have a novel or collection out, however, but you’re welcome to throw me a couple bucks, if you like. If you prefer other methods for showing your support, please consider one of the following methods.

  • (a) Read some of my fiction, at the “Publications” link above.
  • (b) Purchase a copy of an anthology or publication in which my work has appeared, or ask your local public library to do so.
  • (c) Make a purchase from one of the publishers on this list, who have a vital role in the ecosystem of weird fiction. They bring new and old work to light, and in turn they support the authors, editors, copy-editors, illustrators, book designers, booksellers, librarians, and other good people who make up this literary community.

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  4. When it comes to periodicals, don’t forget The Breakroom Stories for weird tales in audio format!

    The Head Editor of The Breakroom Stories

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  6. Thanks for this weird list, for giving hope to the hopeless, to the prisoners of the Island of Misfit Stories.

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