RavenCon 2015

ravencon2015This year I’m delighted to attend RavenCon as a writer guest. I’ll be here and there throughout the con, probably wandering around the dealer’s room, art show, seeing panels and readings, chatting with friends old and new, etc. One place I probably won’t be is at any late night revelries: I start transforming into a pumpkin long before the stroke of midnight. My schedule looks like this:

5:00 p.m., Ballroom G, Urban Fantasy: Using Real-World Settings and People in Your Fiction
7:00 p.m., Ballroom E, Opening Ceremonies

10:00 a.m., Ballroom E, How to (Not) Ruin Your Writing Career
1:00 p.m., York, Ignite Your Worldbuilding (workshop; 1 hr, 50 min)5:00 p.m., Board Room, Reading

1:00 p.m., Anna, The Best Critique Group for You

ravencon 10thMost of those are panels. The reading on Saturday will be my first all-Glover reading setup. 50 minutes! Whatever shall I read? I’ve got a few ideas, and things are starting to come together.

The workshop on Saturday is an attempt to weld together my research expertise with my love of well-portrayed worlds. Should be fun. Description: “How do you create memorable worlds? Come learn techniques that combine research, inspiration, and your personal experience. Participants will leave with a list of resources to inspire their creativity, whether they want to create engrossing stories or paintings with lived-in worlds. We’ll discuss the limits of worldbuilding, and signs that it’s time to join Worldbuilders Anonymous. Be prepared to talk with your fellow creators, and bring a notebook, computer, or other writing device.”