Who’s Going to Be at the 2014 James River Writers Conference? (Part 1)

Who’s going to be at the 2014 James River Writers Conference? Bios are on the conference website, if you’d like to look at those. If you just want the names, try this on for size: Kwame Alexander, Cece Bell, Iris Bolling, Susann Cokal, Kaylee Davis, Arielle Eckstut, Tarfia Faizullah, Jane Friedman, Lamar Giles, Katie Grimm, Hugh Howey, Brian Jay Jones, Peter Knapp, Kristen Lippert-Martin, Sarah MacLean, Kelly O’Connor McNees, Meg Medina, Jody Rein, Sheri Reynolds, Jon Sealy, Geoff Shandler, Ron Smith, David Henry Sterry, Alison Weiss, Stacy Whitman.

Want to know a little more? Make with the clicking.

Kwame Alexander

Cece Bell

Iris Bolling

Susann Cokal

Kaylee Davis


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