No Footprints on That Unbroken Snow

Today is the first meeting of the class I’m co-teaching with Tom De Haven this semester, a workshop for students who want to write research-intensive fiction. I’ve enjoyed teaching in various formats over the years, in a range of subjects, but this is probably the most excited I’ve ever been. For the curious, we enticed students with the following description

“Write what you know” works until it doesn’t. How do you write about 1798 Pennsylvania? A journey to Alpha Centauri? Eating dinner as a parrot? Hiking in the desert? The experience of characters with different lives than your own calls for more than imagination, it requires research: archives, travel, diaries, interviews, etc. Workshop members will carry out weekly exercises to practice different kinds of research, learn how to incorporate new information into their fiction, engage in group critiques, and ultimately complete a short story integrating information derived from multiple kinds of research.

balloon lift-off

Away We Go!