Shirley Jackson, Dark Visionary, Revealer of Human Frailty, Empress of All, For Whose New Book We Give Thanks

shirley jackson portraitIf you haven’t heard, today is the release day for the new (!) book from Shirley Jackson, writer extraordinaire, best known for… well, if you’re reading this, surely I don’t have to tell you. I have not yet acquired Let Me Tell You: New Stories, Essays, and Other Writings, but I will. Ordinarily these sort of books are full of juvenilia, crappy also-rans, or whatever bits & bobs the literary executors have been able to scare up.  Online excerpts of this book, however, suggest it’s going to be fucking sweet. So, hey, if you somehow hadn’t heard, check it out. [Amazon|B&N|Indiebound]

shirley jackson book cover