Writer’s Guidelines of Yore

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Hey all you youngster writer-types, here’s an old chestnut from Grandpa Glover!

Eldritch Tales guidelines

Eldritch Tales guidelines

Prior to 1992 there was no World Wide Web, although the internet existed in its pre-GUI version. Back then, and actually for well into the ’90s in some cases, writer’s guidelines were not a click and a scroll away. You had to buy books like the Writer’s Market to figure out what a publisher wanted, or you had to get your hands on a publication and give it a gander yourself. (The latter is still a best practice.)

Both Writer’s Market and most magazines included a statement about sending a SASE for detailed guidelines. I tried with no success to get published back in those days, amassing hordes of rejections and writer’s guidelines in the process. Have writer’s guidelines changed in the years since? Definitely in some ways, but not in others. Yog knows, terms of publication have gotten more complicated, as have payment structures.

Here are two sample sets of guidelines from bygone magazines that long-ago me requested and stuck in a box that I was sorting through recently while doing some cleaning. They, along with my piles of sample copies from dozens of magazines, were a pleasant blast from the past.

Happy writing to you, and good luck with your submissions.

The Silver Web guidelines

The Silver Web guidelines

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Guidelines of Yore

  1. The SASE era lasted quite a while; I still remember sending off my last batch of them in 2006 just after Gerry Ford died. By the time I had something else to submit, in 2010, things had moved to their current “email us and never hear back” model. At least with a SASE you could pay your 40 cents for the courtesy of a reply!

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