Cover Reveal: The Deadlands And Other Stories

My friend, Bill, is a local-to-Richmond author of all things fantastic. Check out the cover of his forthcoming collection!

Bill Blume

Starting today, I get to reveal the covers to my upcoming books. The first cover belongs to my short story collection The Deadlands: And Other Stories coming from Diversion Books on August 11th.

Cover to The Deadlands And Other StoriesGrab your passport for a journey to the Deadlands and its collection of world-changing stories.

Meet a young man with the power to destroy the world. Then walk among the living darkness of Purgatory Alley with a boy who was born without a shadow. Sneak into a cemetery with a twelve-year-old girl who gets paid to raise the dead. Chase terrorists in a steampunk future. Join a young hunter as he searches for a pair of vampires. Discover the lost secrets of Camelot beneath the waters of Loch Ness. And join a pair of dragons who police all manner of mythical creatures in London.

These twelve tales of the fantastic will take you to the edge of…

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