The Great Southern & Twin Peaks Fiction

design for Twin Peaks festival in Richmond Virginia

Have you heard about The Great Southern? It’s a Twin Peaks-themed celebration happening this weekend (April 16-19) in Richmond, Virginia. You can also find out more about it at the official Facebook page. There’s going to be Twin Peaks VIPs, music, literature, art, and many events.

Why am I posting about it, aside from it’s frigging awesome? Local lit mag Makeout Creek is publishing a Twin Peaks-themed issue, and I’m among the contributors, with a short story about Twin Peaks obsession and violence entitled “Be Still, My Dear, and Listen.” It’s not available for order online quite yet, but I’ll post when it is.

If you’re in Richmond and like nighttime literary events, come out to Ipanema Cafe at 10pm on Thursday, April 16th, for a reading of works from the issue. Memory is a tricky thing, but unless I’m mistaken, this will be the first time I’ll have read fiction in public since, uh, 1992. Apparently that’s a part of literary culture or something? Anyway, I’m looking forward to it, copies of the issue will be available, and I hope to see you there.

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