Out Now: The Big Bad II

Cover for the anthology The Big Bad II

The Big Bad II

Those of you hungering for some Big Bad in your life need look no further: The Big Bad II is available for purchase. If you want a teaser about my story, “Mercy’s Armistice,” you can read my guest blog post, “Quieter Horror,” over at John Hartness’ website. Prices below current as of 6:30 a.m. this morning…

Amazon: Kindle ($2.99)
Amazon: Paperback ($15.96)
Amazon: Hardback ($29.95)

B&N: NOOK ($2.99)
B&N: Paperback ($15.96)
B&N: Hardback ($29.95)

I’m grateful to John Hartness and Emily Leverett for taking my story for The Big Bad II, and to Allan Gilbreath for publishing it. Thanks also to my friend and colleague, Gregory Kimbrell, who shared a video of two very desultory dancers with me last year and thereby sparked one of the scenes in my story.

If you read this anthology, please consider posting a review wherever works best for you, whether the bookseller, your blog, or Goodreads. Thanks!

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