Pick a Card, Any Card

In news so banal that I hesitate even to post it online, I at last have “writer” business cards in stock again. There’s a business card I use in connection with my day job, of course, and the two worlds overlap quite a bit, but some of my connections are solely about writing .

My first cards I printed in advance of attending RavenCon back in 2008 (where I’ll be guesting in 2015), and were the ones at the top with the white rabbit. In the middle is the plain vanilla, which I liked fine, but ran out. Facing a business card gap, I snagged a decorative border from the British Library’s awesome flickr set of materials that are in the public domain.

business cards

Cards over the years


Every writer who is professionalizing or thinking about professionalizing asks “should I have business cards?” A better question is probably “what should I be doing with my time as a writer other than worrying about business cards?”

Cards are so simple a thing, you shouldn’t consider it beyond finding an image you like, using a clear font, and moderately sturdy paper. (For those of you with Opinions about Crane vs. William Arthur, this obviously doesn’t apply to you.) Then print your business cards, at home or with a stationer.

Finding people online can be a pain. Unless you don’t want to be found among the sea of Sandra Smiths, help people find you. Search algorithms change all the time, and they don’t always play well with social media, especially if you use Hello Kitty or whatever as a profile image. If you want people to find you, make sure they can. Business cards are a nice aid to this when you meet in person.

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