Suddenly It Was July: Now with More Reading


Just back from ALA Annual in Vegas, which I’m sure provided enough subconscious fodder for many years of stories to come. The exhibits at ALA are notorious havens for writers, publishers, and those who have generally been known to harbor books, and this year was no exception. I restrained myself and picked up just a few books.

Kerry Howley’s Thrown is a forthcoming nonfictional take on cage fighting in the Midwest. M.A.C. Farrant’s The World Afloat is a collection of “miniatures” with magical realist flair on mundane and extraordinary subjects.  Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus is a combined edition of two novels by Garry Thomas Morse that I pretty much had to pick up. Plasti-Bosch on your book cover? I’m powerless to resist.

I’ve also been reading some mags/annuals I’ve either read in part or not at all in past, including Shadows & Tall Trees, Black Static, Jamais Vu, and Nightmare.

Also, I read Casino Royale because I was going to gambling central, and because I wanted to see if (yet again) Mads Mikkelsen brought to light new facets of someone else’s character. In fact, he did.

The End

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