The New Gothic Will Eat You Alive

cover of The New Gothic

The Gothic lives.

Yesterday I received a copy of The New Gothic in the mail, courtesy my friend and intrepid correspondent, S.J. Chambers. This anthology is, no surprise, a collection of contemporary stories about the Gothic, edited by Beth K. Lewis and featuring a variety of writers, including the immortal Ramsey Campbell.

Last month S.J. held a book giveaway on her blog, where entrants could talk about Nirvana or the Gothic in the comments. I went straight for Nirvana and ended up babbling at some length, enough so that she sent me a copy to ensure that I never hog a comment thread again. What does Nirvana have to do with the Gothic? The story that S.J. co-wrote with friend Jesse Bullington for this anthology, published by Stone Skin Press, is set in Florida, and about it she says the following:

The story Jesse and I wrote is called “Dive In Me,” and is about three adolescent girls in the early 90s and their friendship that leads to staring into atramedous pits of both the literal and figurative senses.  Jesse has described it as “Daria goes to Hell,” and I’ve called it a “grunge-nightmare.”

I’ll have more to say about The New Gothic in due course, but for the nonce, here’s a link to Ed Grabianowski’s glowing io9 review, which includes this lovely tidbit:

Things get off to a terrifying start with Jesse Bullington and S.J. Chambers’ “Dive in Me.” It pushes so many horror buttons, from the crushing insecurity of youth to the simple fear of drowning, and it builds to a stunning climax, the kind where you’re sort of breathlessly turning each page as your eyes gradually get wider and wider. This one will stick in my head for a long time.



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