Update on Statistics, Lies, Stagnation, and the Human Heart

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Lumbering Forward

Since my self-analysis with graphs last November, I’ve done both more writing and more reading than I have for some time. No charts & graphs until the half-year mark and the end of 2014, but the current breakdown looks like this…

Write at least 100,000 words of completed or truly “in progress” fiction rough drafts by December 31, 2014. I’ve managed something like 8,729 words of new fiction. Peanuts to some, victory to me. I didn’t keep as close track as I should have, and the total count is probably higher, on account of measuring final drafts instead of bloated first drafts. Would that I’d written more, but I was out of commission for several weeks for health and other reasons.

Place six pieces of fiction for publication. Nothing accepted yet this year, but I have six things floating around in Slushlandia, two of which are new short stories since November.

Get back to blogging. 13 posts since November. At my current rate, that’s going to amount to around three-and-a-half times what I did last year. Given my blogging here is largely tied to reading, writing, and art, I’m gonna count that as a “win” in terms of deeper engagement with what matters most to me.

Read at least two books per month. On target. Plus sundry articles and general internet dreck. I’m falling back into my old habit of having too many books going simultaneously, but trying (!) to keep it under control.

How’s your writing/reading/creating year going?

7 thoughts on “Update on Statistics, Lies, Stagnation, and the Human Heart

    • To some extent, but a lot of what’s been slow has been simply a matter of sitting in front of the blank page, rousing the machinery. I switched to voice recognition for a while when I couldn’t easily sit for long periods of time, and it helped some…

  1. My writing year hasn’t been great, but recently took a turn for the better. So I’m hoping for a good spring. Getting a lot of books read, though! Just started Caitlin R. Kiernan’s The Drowning Girl today and already like it a lot. I have to say that the way you set goals and diligently work towards them is very inspiring. I love these posts!

    • Spring comes around, like it always does. I’m glad it’s coinciding with good news for your own work! Thank you for the kind words: knowing that this helps other people as well as me is encouraging. I do still have days where little or nothing gets written, but…. progress.

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