Kindles, Dragons, and Goodreads, Oh My!

2013 is coming to an end, and December’s been a pretty mixed month overall, all things considered. “Curse this metal body,” I’ve said more times than I can count in the last three or so weeks, given sundry problems, but nonetheless, some progress. My writing is noodling along about as well as one could expect after a period of indisposition…

Dragon Naturally Speaking

For Christmas I got a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking. This was something that I’d considered doing several years ago. I was reminded of it by Cat Rambo, who wrote a nice post (with followup) about gifts for writers for Christmas. I am, in fact, composing this post using a headset, and it feels a little strange, but anything I can do to improve my flow of words, well, that’s a good thing. The accuracy is pretty good out of the box, better than Windows’ native speech-to-text, but I’ve started to “train” the software to my speaking patterns, and it’s a little bit shocking how well it works.


Years ago I established a Goodreads account. I didn’t use it all that much because I did not really see a need for it, but with my revived focus on writing, I’m trying to do a little bit more with it this year. To which end, I have finally put together a Goodreads Author Page. Humble thus far, but I expect that it will improve over time, or, if not improve, at least grow.

picture of J. T. Glover with Kindle

The Kindle Has Landed

The Kindle Has Landed

Hitherto I haven’t really been a fan of e-books. Everything from a love of paper to affection for authors who don’t get e-book editions to the kind of rootlessness I’ve felt when reading online have conspired to make me shun e-books to this point. Recently, however, I got the opportunity to try a Kindle of the current generation.

Wow. It was a huge change from my past experience trying to read on Kindles, computer, iPad, or otherwise. My local public library has also expanded their selection of e-books since the last time I looked a couple years ago. At this point, it contains a solid range of books that I want to read, have read and would like to reread, and books I’ve never heard of… enough to keep me merrily reading along for years.

So, I got a Kindle for Christmas. What am I reading? Well, I’ve checked out Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show, which I first read when it came out, lo those many years ago, and I’m thoroughly enjoying rereading. I’ve also purchased a copy of The Lord of the Rings, because you have to have The Lord of the Rings, as well as a couple novels in the aforementioned Phryne Fisher series. All in all, I have read more in the last month then in any single month since I don’t know when. It’s a good feeling.

Into 2014

Right now I’m finishing up a short story begun a few weeks back, and which I promised to send an editor friend at the end of this month. I think it has some promise, but whatever comes, it feels so good to be putting down words. I’ve something else on deck for January, ideas for what comes after that, and at least one other bit of news to announce down the road. And, at the end of the day, a heck of a good start lined up for the year to come.

2 thoughts on “Kindles, Dragons, and Goodreads, Oh My!

  1. Hey John, I have often considered using a speech to text device, but afraid I’ll double my word count! I’m glad you like your new stuff. My brother in law gave me his old Kindle and I have yet to activate it. During my MA I had so much assigned reading, then went right into reviewing. I feel like I’ve barely read anything past the Hunger Games and Ender’ Game for fun in years! Have you read The Night Circus? It’s my first e-book purchase.

    • Hey Sheila! I’m cautious of the word count ballooning, too, but currently I’m just shooting for word count, period. 😀 Seriously, post-editing it settles down to a reasonable amount, at least thus far. I haven’t read The Night Circus. At first I thought it was Angela Carter, or maybe Steven Millhauser, or maybe Thomas Ligotti… but no, not so much. Will gander.

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