Lovecraft in Space

Illustration by Peter Szmer

What waits between the stars? Story illustration by Peter Szmer

Many people claim that Alien is the best Lovecraftian movie ever made, and while I have mixed feelings about that, there is something inherently disquieting about the gulf between the stars, and the question of what might wait there. Building on that disquiet, and thinking about both Gliese 581g and the challenges of colonizing space, I came up with a story called “How Rare Are Light and Life.” It’s now live for you to read over at The Lovecraft eZine. If you prefer reading the issue on Kindle or Nook, just click here. I’m grateful to Mike Davis for publishing this story, to Jesse Bullington for providing comments on the draft version, and to Peter Szmer for his striking, wonderful illustrations. Enjoy!

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