Rocks Fall, Ten Months Pass

Ten months have passed with no new publications, but that isn’t to say I haven’t been busy.

  • The novel is coming along well. Not quite as quickly as hoped, but I’m on what should be the final draft before it goes out to agents. I’ve received thoughtful critiques from various friends, and while I wish it were a faster process, I would like to think that I’m working on something with a shot at being a really good piece of writing. I want it to be the sort of novel that rewards reading more than once and can give pleasure over the years.
  • Placed a flash fiction story in a locally-based anthology. More news on that closer to publication.
  • Took a writing class this past spring, which gave me a lot of food for thought, as well as contact with a new group of writers.  Useful to see my own work through so many different eyes at the same time during critique.
  • LiveJournal has been suffering from out-migration for years, especially since the rise of Facebook and Twitter, but this year it’s experienced multiple DDoS attacks. I’m not in a rush to do it, but I think Something Else is going to be the answer down the road, whether moving over here or running an actual site at, not just a URL redirect.
  • My long-running, if quiet, interest in the visual arts has blossomed in a couple directions. I’m writing the monthly Artist Spotlight at Fantasy Magazine, as well as occasionally going to gallery shows in Richmond and writing them up on my LiveJournal. I’ve taken up drawing and painting, doing them in the evening or on the weekend in rotation with reading, watching movies, etc. I’ve been reading a fair bit about art lately, from art history to painting technique to retrospectives of artists’ works. It’s proven a nice complement to writing.

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